The ABCs of Reaching Generations X, Y, and Z – Part 2

The ABCs of Reaching Generations X, Y, and Z – Part 2

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Part 2 – To reach Gen X, speak their language

Gen X is reaching its peak earning and spending years. Those on the older end of the spectrum are looking forward to becoming empty nesters as their kids go off to college. Even the youngest of us are having children and buying and remodeling homes. Both of these life stages involve major purchases.

If we’re seen as skeptical, it’s just because we believe that actions speak louder than words. So, for those trying to reach Gen X, there are a few things you’d do well to remember…

Allow us to forge our own path. We prize our independence and we don’t like rules. So just give us a goal and let us figure out how to accomplish it. We don’t mind suggestions, but leave it to us to figure out what works best.

Create an online identity. Before we make a major purchase, the Internet is always our jumping-off point. We use it for research and reading reviews at the very least, and often we make our actual purchases online. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is very important. It helps marketers capture our interest. The higher your site ranks for relevant keywords, the better your chances of getting our attention.

Diversity is important. We’re more accepting of diversity in race, class, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation than any other generation that came before us.

Email us. Unlike later generations like Y and Z who already view email as “old-fashioned,” we check our emails daily. We like personalized messages that are tailored to our particular interests and we notice when you consider our past purchases.

Find us on social media. And let us easily find you. We may not be quite as social-media obsessed as our younger counterparts, but we use Facebook and Twitter. In fact, eMarketer says that Gen X users log into social networks at least once a month. We weren’t born holding smart phones, but they do not intimidate us. In fact, we embrace them completely.

Give us respect and dependability if you want to gain our loyalty. Don’t try too hard, and be clear about what you’re offering. Don’t give us reasons to second-guess your authenticity.

Help us forge our own path. Generation Xers value entrepreneurship. For us, the corporate ladder doesn’t necessarily go straight up. We’re not afraid of lateral career moves if we believe they will ultimately get us where we want to go.

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Written by Holly Berecz, Account Executive at D&R

Written by Holly Berecz
D&A Account Executive


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