Our Work

iStock_000015433171XSmall“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
— Henry David Thoreau


At Duehr & Associates, our clients’ goal is the motivational kick behind our work. A wondrous fact about humankind is that no two people are alike. The same holds true for businesses. Businesses are made up of groups of individuals who forge close relationships that become a unique company culture. And public perception of a brand’s identity is as much a reflection of its culture as it is the customer satisfaction index for the product it sells or service it provides.

We help companies identify their distinct talents and strengths, as they relate to their target market, and ensure through our work that they are recognized for them. We customize our programs to fit each individual client’s vision of the pinnacle of success. Read our Case Studies about unique challenges clients have presented us with. And read Client Testimonials to see what they say about us. Then have a look at our Portfolio for a sampling of our work.