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Jobsite Mobile Office’s® Green Fleet® to be a featured attraction at the BCA Construction and Design Expo – Indiana’s largest construction trade show

Attendees will be able to tour a genuine fully operational Green Fleet HPMO (High Performance Mobile Office®), installed just outside the show entrance courtesy of Jobsite Mobile Offices

“The Green Fleet” of High Performance Mobile Offices™ Jobsite Mobile Office’s “Green” Team Sharry Russell, Jobsite’s customer service manager, is key player handling dispatch, customer service, and repairs Jobsite Mobile Office situated on the job site Jobsite Mobile Offices save time and money at the construction site

(Rochester, IN, September 14, 2011) Mobile office experts at Jobsite Mobile Offices will feature their new Green Fleet HPMO at the BCA Construction and Design Expo – September 28-29, 2011 – Memorial Coliseum Exposition Center – Fort Wayne, Indiana. The 1260 HPMO will be located at the show entrance and will be fully furnished, manned, and powered. Designed by the modular architecture specialists at Miletus Group, Inc., the HPMO installation is a pinnacle part of Jobsite Mobile Office’s 40th anniversary celebration taking place at the show. Attendees and press are welcome to stop in to learn more about this revolutionary, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly mobile field office. Portable snacks, water, and coffee will be available and a free Elite Single Cup Coffee Brewing System by Keurig will be given away.


About Green Fleet HPMO

The Green Fleet represents the world’s first eco-friendly HPMO fleet of offices developed by the Miletus Group and Jobsite Mobile Offices. The revolutionary HPMO uses at least one third less energy than conventional mobile offices. Some customers are reporting energy savings of well over 50%. This new thinking in mobile office design also includes a high level of recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life cycle. “Our team spent a great deal of time analyzing the best sustainability practices in the building industry and then found ways to apply them to the mobile and modular office building sector,” states James B. Guthrie, AIA, Miletus Group president. “Little will appear changed to office occupants in terms of the general layout, construction, and convenience of the high performance units. However, noticeable differences will appear in the form of substantially lower utility bills and significantly higher levels of comfort during hot summer and frigid winter months,” says Guthrie.


About Jobsite Mobile Offices

Jobsite Mobile Offices has been the Midwest’s leader in mobile and modular building since 1971, and, by being first to market with a high performance product, secures its position as the national leader in sustainable mobile field office delivery. Jobsite uses its family of mobile/modular business units to provide the best top to bottom products and services in the industry, and is proud of its 40-year history of delivery speed, quality, value, and innovation to its customers.


About Miletus Group

Miletus Group,Inc. is an architecture firm that specializes in sustainable building practices in onsite, prefab, and modular offsite systems. Under the direction of James B. Guthrie, AIA, president of Miletus Group and Board of Trustees Chair for Modular Building Institute Educational Foundation, Inc., the team at Miletus Group provide a range of design, building, and development services that include site selection analysis, project programming, entitlement services, urban and architectural design and documentation, architectural modularization, sustainability design and energy analysis, cost analysis, and onsite and offsite construction. Educated at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Guthrie has lectured and written extensively about modular architecture. He is currently writing a book on the subject entitled Modern Modular Architectural Prototypes: A World Survey of the State of the Art. At Miletus Group, Architecture is the sum of Design + Build + Develop.


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