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Miletus Group Opens Chicago Architectural Office

Building on the success of its Rochester, IN headquarters, Miletus will expand its innovative modular solutions in Chicago to include large-scale commercial projects

Miletus Group

(Chicago, IL, August 9, 2011) Miletus Group, the architecture firm that specializes in sustainable onsite, prefab, and modular solutions, has announced the opening of its new office in Chicago, IL at 2823 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Suite E, (312) 265-6447. The newly added Chicago metropolitan location will primarily house architectural services, complementing the Miletus Group management, design, and production operations in its Rochester, IN headquarters.


“The new design office gives us a great new platform to reach out to the entire Chicago metropolitan market,” says James B. Guthrie, AIA, president of Miletus Group, adding, “We have exciting plans for innovative, large-scale modular solutions involving hotel, apartment, and healthcare facility projects,” he further explains. “Chicago is a natural market for substantial building in these sectors, making it a perfect fit for our future growth strategy. In addition, Chicago is my hometown, so I very much look forward to working there with our staff of talented architects.”


Chicago was selected as a key growth market, according to Guthrie, because of its proximity to the company’s production facility in Indiana, and because it provides a large market area with a history of progressive thinking in terms of architecture and building. Guthrie points out that early in the twentieth century, Chicago-founded Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold over 70,000 precut and prepackaged homes through their mail order Modern Homes program, which allowed customers to choose a house to suit their individual tastes and budgets. At approximately the same time, he goes on to explain, Frank Lloyd Wright introduced his textile block Usonian home concept to demonstrate that exceptional quality and design, using prefabricated components, can be made available to the masses.


“Conceptually, we stand on the shoulders of such Chicago icons as Sears and Frank Lloyd Wright, who paved the way for modular architecture,” Guthrie states. “Today, we are seeing a resurgence in modular architecture,” he continues. “The interest is driven in small part by economics, but more so by a desire for greener construction practices, creative design, and the caliber of high quality production that Miletus Group consistently delivers and will now extend into the Chicago market.”



About Miletus Group

Miletus Group,Inc. is an architecture firm that specializes in sustainable building practices in onsite, prefab, and modular offsite systems. Under the direction of James B. Guthrie, AIA, president of Miletus Group and Board of Trustees Chair for Modular Building Institute Educational Foundation, Inc., the team at Miletus Group provide a range of design, building, and development services that include site selection analysis, project programming, entitlement services, urban and architectural design and documentation, architectural modularization, sustainability design and energy analysis, cost analysis, and onsite and offsite construction. Educated at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Guthrie has lectured and written extensively about modular architecture. He is currently writing a book on the subject entitled Modern Modular Architectural Prototypes: A World Survey of the State of the Art. At Miletus Group, Architecture is the sum of Design + Build + Develop. For more information, visit or call 260-399-6175.


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