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Miletus Group Green Fleet of High Performance Mobile Offices™ reduce energy consumption by more than fifty percent

HPMO Green Fleet provides contractors with a high quality, energy efficient mobile solution for green construction projects

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(Rochester, IN, October 15, 2013) Miletus Group, in partnership with Jobsite Leasing Company, has achieved a new design for its High Performance Mobile Office™ (HPMO) Green Fleet. The redesign significantly lowers its overall carbon footprint and operational energy costs. Recent tests show the new HPMO Green Fleet, which is being implemented on public and private sites in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, produced better than expected results and far exceeds current codes. Miletus Group controlled the variables, from design and manufacturing to field-testing to develop a durable and sustainable solution that effectively reduces energy consumption by more than fifty percent.


“Our expertise in modular design and manufacturing helped define the process from conception to completion,” states Miletus Group president James B. Guthrie, AIA. “Few organizations,” he continues, have implemented the sophisticated modeling and testing that we’ve performed on the Green Fleet in order to insure fifty percent energy savings. In fact, several of our clients in the field have reported a seventy percent energy reduction, exceeding all expectations.” “HPMOs have significantly reduced energy costs for our job site trailers,” says Bill Poland, vice president of construction for Genesis Property Development, who points out the company had conducted extensive research before choosing Miletus Group HPMOs for their LEED accreditation advantages and innovative design.


Testing and Development
Prior to construction, predictive models that anticipated a fifty percent reduction in electrical usage were employed. A complete cost/benefit analysis was used to make decisions in this phase, so that every element saved energy. The units were outfitted with lighting sensors, advanced HVAC, energy efficient windows, enhanced insulation, and other proprietary environmental features. Post design/construction, two test sites were utilized. In the second site, the units endured two winters. Infrared thermography (IRT) was used to compare heat loss on a standard mobile office versus the HPMO. The results were impressive. For example, throughout the HPMO, the interior surfaces were within 0-2°F of the interior ambient air temperature. Interior and exterior measurements were analyzed. The standard mobile office interior surfaces ranged from 10-12°F below interior ambient temperature, indicating substantial heat transfer to the exterior. Finally, blower door tests, exceeding even highly stringent Passive House Institute green standards, measured air exchanges to check for leakage.


Net Zero Emission Manufacturing
The HPMO Green Fleet is made in the United States in its own carbon-neutral manufacturing facility. Miletus Group achieved carbon neutrality for its plant in 2011, and has since continued its ongoing commitment to net zero emissions. In addition, over ninety-five percent of the plant’s waste is reused or recycled.


Future Forward
“Moving forward, we continue to rethink and reengineer the HPMO concept to remain on the cutting edge of energy savings and environmental design,” states Guthrie. “We see opportunity in the future to create sustainable modules for housing, hospitals and hotels.”

About Miletus Group

Miletus Group, Inc. is an architecture firm that specializes in sustainable building practices in onsite, prefab, and modular offsite systems. Under the direction of James B. Guthrie, AIA, president of Miletus Group, the team provides a range of design, building, and development services that include site selection analysis, project programming, entitlement services, urban and architectural design and documentation, architectural modularization, sustainability design and energy analysis, cost analysis, and onsite and offsite construction. Educated at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Guthrie has lectured and written extensively about modular architecture. At Miletus Group, Architecture is the sum of Design + Build + Develop. For more information, visit or call 260-399-6175.


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