Who We Are

iStock_000024853828XSmall“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
— John Lennon


At Duehr & Associates, we define who we are through the application of imagination in all we do. Every great innovator started with a dream of a big idea. But in order for dreams to become reality, others must be convinced to see your vision, deadlines must be assigned, and action applied. Therefore, dreamers must also be doers. Our team of doers applies its individual talents in their specific area of expertise to help companies achieve their goals. Meet Our Team of creative professionals for a better understanding of who we are.

From conceptualization to the planning stage to implementation, our approach is one of innovative thinking and unconventional application. As a full-service public relations, advertising, and marketing firm, we challenge ourselves daily to find new and different methods of achieving results for our clients through notable communications that make a positive impact on those they wish to reach. Read more About Us to learn what drives us and makes us who we are.